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Give your office or restaurant space a functional, cost effective way to keep clean. This Advance Tabco economy wall sink with faucet provides a wonderful, compact clean up station for any application. Whether you're washing hands, dishes, or preparing produce, this sink is ideal because it takes up virtually no space while still maintaining commercial durability. This economy wall sink with faucet has a 14"; x 10"; x 5"; deep bowl and is constructed of stainless steel which resists stains, scratches, and dirt and is exceptionally easy to keep clean. Maintenance is never a problem with this sink because of it's straightforward design. Side splashes are included for exceptional clean and dry usage. This economy wall sink also comes with a splash mounted faucet and a 1-1/2 basket drain. For quick and easy mounting, a wall bracket is also featured with this wall sink. Give your space a little splash with this sink and help promote clean hands and products in the workplace! Standard Features: Stainless steel 14";x10";x5"; deep Side splashes Wall bracket included Economy Hand Sink with 7-3/4"; side splashes, wall model, 14"; wide x 10"; front-to-back x 5"; deep bowl, stainless steel construction, splash mounted faucet, 1-1/2"; basket drain, wall bracket

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