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Portable Oil Filter, 50lb oil capacity, reversible pump, cover and fold down handle, 4 GPM filter pump and 5' return hose included, filter starter kit, stainless steel pans, pump housing, casters

Frymaster's durable PF50 portable filter is designed to support routine oil filtration which preserves oil life. Crumbs, sediment, and by-products created by high-heat frying take a toll on oil life unless a daily system of filtration and frypot cleaning is in place. The R models have a reversible pump feature so they actively pump used oil from the frypot and filtered oil back to the frypot.

The filters' powerful 4 GPM, 1/3 H.P. heavy-duty pump circulates the used oil through the filter media to trap the crumbs, sediment, and by-products that compromise flavor profiles and reduce useful oil life. The pump then returns the clean filtered oil back to the frypot. Cleanup is easy, simply remove the filter media. Fits under the drains of most fryers.

Features: Portable Oil Filter 50lb oil capacity Reversible pump Cover and fold down handle 4 GPM filter pump 5' return hose included Filter starter kit Casters 4 GPM, 1/3 HP heavy-duty pump Fast; filters a 50-lb. fryer in 5 minutes Filters from bottom leaving minimal heel oil Stainless steel filter pan and pump assembly housing NSF, CE, UL, cUL Certified

Dimensions: 30in W x 13.25in L x 13.25in H

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