Gold Medal Churros Extruder - 9005

Weight:     40.0 lb


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Liven up your concession with this Gold Medal 9005 churros extruder. Two (2) cylinders, (4) end caps, and an anodized aluminum construction are standard on this 1" churro maker.

This Gold Medal 9005 churros extruder is easily cleaned and produces a hollow churro.

Gold Medal 9005 Construction

  • Anodized aluminum construction with two (2) dough holding canisters supplied with caps
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning this churro maker

The hollow extruder produces a star shaped churro approximately 1" in diameter with a 3/8" diameter sized hole down the middle

Gold Medal 9005 Features

  • Churros Fil-A' hollow churros extruder
  • 1" churro maker
  • (2) cylinders
  • (4) end caps
  • Anodized aluminum construction

Overall Dimensions

Height: 34.65"
Width: 25.25"
Depth: 16.02"

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