Gold Medal Cotton Candy Floss Machine - 3035

Weight:     90.0 lb


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Top Only

Unifloss Floss Cotton Candy Machine, top (only), exhaust fan, washable aluminum wool filter screen, stainless steel construction (units sold separately)

The Gold Medal 3035 Unifloss Floss Cotton Candy Machine is a separately sold top only unit for your cotton candy machines. This cotton candy machine top is prepared with an exaust with washable aluminum wool filter screen for preserving and protecting your tasty treats. Featuring stainless steel construction for maximum durability while creating delicious snacks. Also prepared with an animated three-color sign for attracting customers to your yummy cotton candy. Features: Unifloss Floss Cotton Candy Machine Exhaust fan Washable aluminum wool filter screen Top (only) Exhaust with washable aluminum wool filter screen Animated three-color sign Stainless steel construction

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