Miroil Mobile Fryer Filter - 55HD

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55 lb oil capacity

Oil Filter Machine/Discard Trolley, hand operated oil pump, 1-way for fryers with drain valves for oil capacity to 55 lb, s/s cradle with coated steel drop-in filter basin, 8";dia rear wheels, 3"; dia. front casters, remove handle to store under 18"; counter, includes filter B6PS

This MirOil 55HD fryer oil filter machine provides an easy and convenient way to filter oil from up to 50 lb. capacity fryers. Because it's hand operated, you'll never have to waste valuable time hunting for an outlet again, which makes it great for smaller kitchens and concession stands. The MirOil 55HD 50 lb. fryer oil filter machine is simple to use. Just dump your used oil through a fryer oil filter bag (sold separately) and into the machine's discard trolley. Once all of the oil has been filtered, turn the crank on the handle of the filtration machine to pump the oil back into the fryer and your ready to start selling perfectly fried foods in no time. Features: Oil Filter Machine/Discard Trolley Hand operated oil pump 1-way for fryers with drain valves for oil capacity to 55 lb Stainless steel cradle with coated steel drop-in filter basin 8";dia rear wheels 3"; dia. front casters Remove handle to store under 18"; counter Filter B6PS

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