Nemco CanPro Side Cut Manual Can Opener - 56050-1

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Can Opener Holds #10 cans

Say good bye for good to the ";lift, slam, puncture, and rip"; can opening techniques that have been overstressing elbows for 100 years. The Nemco 56050-1 CanPRO runs smarter, easier and longer than ever. Why worry about contamination from the lid in the can, serious injury from sharp metal edges, metal filings or other problems created using the old can opener technology of the past?

The cutter never makes contact with the inside of the can. No metal shavings fall inside of the can. The lid comes off clean with no jagged edges. The cutter will not penetrate past the first layer of metal on the lid's seam, alleviating the potential of producing metal slivers if the user over- rotates the can. When the cutter runs its life cycle, it won't cut at all, clearly indicating that it should be replaced. Nemco has opened over 7,000 lids and the original cutter is still cutting! Features & Benefits Permanent Can Opener Stainless Steel construction Holds #10 cans Stainless Steel cutter Gearless handle Cuts cans from the side, preventing food contaminiation *Some parts are available for Nemco products. Please chat/call for more details if you are looking for these items.

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