Nemco Lettuce Cutter - 55650

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Lettuce Cutter Chopper 1 Inch Slices

Easy LettuceKutter™, 1"; x 1"; square, scalloped blades, interlocked blades avoid flexing, replaceable blades, angled, cast aluminum legs with no-slip feet, manual locking pin keeps pusher block safely in place

Features & Benefits Cut mounds of crisp, fresh lettuce in seconds Process a whole head of cored lettuce at a time Scalloped blades and clean slicing action cut one-inch squares with no crushing and no bruising. Interlocked blades avoid flexing Replaceable blades for long life; no tensioning required Cleanup is easy. Just pull one pin to remove pusher block Clip-on blade assembly lifts out easily Angled, cast aluminum legs with no-slip feet provide stable cutting platform Manual locking pin keeps pusher block safely in place until operator releases for cutting Slicing blade assembly also available *Some parts are available for Nemco products. Please chat/call for more details if you are looking for these items.

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