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72-Bun Warmer, Stainless Steel

Roll Warmer, Free Standing, one drawer, 72 bun capacity, thermostatic controls, s/s interior & exterior

The Bun Warmers complete provide gentle warmth for buns, keeping them an ideal temperature and texture for the perfect hot dog. The BW-20 is drawer-type Bun Warmers. Drawer type versions have a stainless steel bun pan that has sliding lid and infinite temperature control for optimal warmth.

Features: Roll Warmer Free Standing Single drawer 72 bun capacity Thermostatic controls Stainless steel interior & exterior.

Benefits: Distributes warming heat (up to 160 Degrees degrees) and moisture evenly through the drawer area Thermostatic heat controls allow employees to accurately set the correct temperature Pilot light alerts employees of operations. Exteriors constructed of solid stainless steel for extra durability Reinforced with heavy duty stainless steel drawer slides

Dimensions - 10-5/8 H x 23-3/4 W x 22-1/8 D

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