Cleveland Countertop Steamer - 21CGA5

ClevelandSKU: 21CGA5-NAT

Weight:     260.0 lb


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Standard Features:

Innovative PowerPak Gas Steam Generator: Naturally Fired 70 MBTU Generator is 72% Efficient
• Strong 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
• Fully Automatic Electronic Spark Ignition (pilotless)
Simple ON/OFF Start Switch: Ignites Burners and Water Fills into Pressureless Generator with ease.
Easy Access Cleaning Port: Generator Cleaning Port located on the outside, top of the unit. Not necessary to remove hot panels or pan rack guides.
Steam Generator Stand By Mode: Holds generator at a steaming temperature. Allows unit to start cooking instantly.
One 60 Minute Electro-Mechanical Timer and Switch for manual operation: Audible signal for cooking time completion. (MCS)
• 4˝ Adjustable Legs.
Durable 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction: For compartment door, cavity, and steam generator.
• Automatic Generator Drain with a “Water Jet” drain cleaning feature.
Exclusive Automatic Remote Float Type Water Level Control: Separate from the generator for easy access.
Exclusive Steam Cooking Distribution System: Maintenance Free Exclusive Brass Steam Jets produce a high velocity convection steam without fans. Coved Corner design in cooking compartment distributes heat evenly, and is easy to keep clean. Creased top & bottom enhance drainage. Cold water condenser behind drain maintains a dry steam. Fully Insulated cooking compartment for thermal efficiency. Removable Stainless Steel Slide Racks for easy cleaning.
Exclusive “Cool to the Touch” Two-Piece Compartment Door Design: Free floating inner door with reversible gasket provides an air tight seal. Stainless Steel Slam/Latch Door Latch mechanism for reliability.
• Standard with Cord & Plug for 115 volt controls.
Left Hand Door Hinging: Compartment door hinged on left, controls on the right

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