Gold Medal Karamel Kool Popcorn Cooling Stand - 2169KK

Weight:     265.0 lb


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Quickly cool down fresh-cooked popcorn with the Gold Medal 2169KK Karamel Kool popcorn cooling stand! This cooling stand comes with a large cooling pan that can hold up to 10 gallons of popcorn and bring it down to serving temperatures as it comes out of the cooker, letting you maximize the profits of your concession stand or snack bar. Air is drawn through an efficient, high-quality filter to ensure that your popcorn stays clean as it cools, and the current is directed up through the cooling pan to evenly cool your product. For easy merchandising, this cooling stand comes with a dump chute and door so you can quickly fill bags for sale. The whole unit is conveniently mounted on casters to effortlessly move in and out of storage. Features: Karamel Kool Regular Stand 30"; x 40"; air cooled pan For 5 or 10 gallon mixer 15 amp plug

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